10 Ways to Kick Bad Moods and Turn on the Happy

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Happiness: the quality or state of being happy


Happiness is something many of us strive for, right? Everyone has their own view of happiness and what it means to them. Let’s be real, though, it’s not always easy keeping the “happy” button on. Like that time when you thought you had that promotion in the bag and then it went to someone else. Or while driving home, a driver cut you off and ended up giving you the bird. Or when your significant other came home with a ton of unhappiness and it spread to you like wildfire. Or last week when your little one was on a teething rampage. Yikes!

Let’s talk about how to kick those other bad moods and turn on the happy, shall we?

  1. Turn on your favorite music and dance

When you’re down in the dumps, get up! Turn on your favorite music, blast it loud, then get up and move your body. If you can’t dance, jump. Toss your arms around. Get your blood moving. Pretty soon, you’re smiling or laughing at yourself. Goal achieved.

  1. Exercise

Change into some sweats and exercise. Don’t even ask me, “Like, what kind?” There are tons of exercises to choose from: yoga, jogging, weight lifting, swimming, bike riding, rollerblading, Zumba, etc. Exercise will make you feel good and lift your spirits.

  1. Watch a comedy

Not in the mood to get active? Sit your butt down, and turn on an old episode of Friends. Let me tell you, you will laugh! Laughing is allowed. Laughing is good.

  1. Release whatever’s bothering you

So, something really ticked you off. Oh, and you just can’t shake it. It’s all built up inside and you just might explode the next time you see that person—whoa! Hold up there, tiger. Release it. Do something to remove the bad mood energy. Get your pillow and scream into it. Take your pillow and punch it till your energy is spent. I know, sorry, pillow! Just let it gooooooo.

  1. Go outdoors

Go to the park or go for a hike or go to the beach. Go outdoors and enjoy the scenery. Don’t think about anything else but what you see outdoors. Believe me, Mother Nature has this whole peaceful thing going on when it’s just you and her.

  1. Go somewhere fun

What place do you remember having some fun? Was it an amusement park? Or how about that time you went bowling? Maybe it was your BFF’s house. Go there, have some of that fun for goodness’ sake!

  1. Create

If you’re crafty, you got this in the bag. Maybe you draw, paint, sculpt, knit. Do that. Guess what? Creating isn’t always crafts. Building something with your hands is creating, whether it be a fence, a dog house, building a car, baking a cake, decorating your home, or doing beauty stuff. Just create. Your mind will settle and go to the happy place because you’re doing something you enjoy.

  1. Play a game

Pull out the old board games and soon you’re having some fun. Let’s not stop there. Join a league and play softball, basketball, or football. Play! I don’t know who put that thought in your head that playing was only for kids.

  1. Treat yourself

Get out and treat yourself. Go have a frozen yogurt. Buy your favorite chocolate. Maybe buy yourself that piece of clothing that’s been on your mind. Buy it. Have it. Allow yourself a treat. You deserve something good.

  1. I Choose Happiness

Say it with me: “I choose happiness.” Say it and repeat the words like an affirmation. If you say it enough times, you’ll start to believe it. Have you heard the saying…happiness is a state of mind? Go ahead, take control of yourself and focus on the happy, people. It’s not so far out of your reach as you might think.


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