Ideas to Help You Create a Healthy Routine

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Why would you need a healthy routine? Well, let’s see…are you in a creative slump? Are you fatigued and not sure what to do with yourself? Are you grouchy because you are bored out of your mind? Are you giving too much attention to everyone around you and not enough to yourself? A healthy routine could help you to get back on track. It could give you a process that will motivate you to take active steps. Here are some ideas you can use to start a healthy routine.


Every morning as soon as you wake up, pick up your journal and write something. Write about the dream you just had. Write about what you are grateful for in your life. Write about your goals for the future or your goals for the day. Just write. Journaling helps you express what is really on your mind as well as open communication to any thoughts you could be blocking.

Morning stretches

Each morning, stretch out those tight muscles. You’ve been laying down for a good amount of time and now it’s time to loosen your body. If you don’t recall the stretches you did while you were in school, look online for some yoga stretches. Believe me, you will feel good and relaxed afterward.


If you have 20 – 30 minutes, you could add in exercise into your day. There are many options to choose from: yoga, cardio, weights, treadmill, jogging, walking, or swimming. Whatever you have access to you can add a morning, afternoon, or evening exercise to your routine.

Meal prep

Have you ever opened the fridge or pantry to a bunch of food and nothing looks appealing to eat for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Meal prep is the way to go. At the beginning of the week, cook up foods that are healthy and light. Cut up vegetables so they are ready to cook. Wash fruit so you can grab and go. Prep salads for a tasty and light meal. When food is cooked or already prepped for you to heat up or put together, feeding yourself in a healthy way is a lot easier.

Plan your day

Take a moment in the morning to write out your goals for the day. You could use a notepad or a daily planner. Simply write down what you need to accomplish that day and plan a block of time for yourself, something that is fun and makes you happy.

Mark off your accomplishments

When you have a moment, mark off your accomplishments for the day. Your accomplishment can be as simple as groceries, taking time for self, laundry, work goals, or errands. This allows you to feel good about the things you’ve gotten done and let’s you figure out what needs to be taken care of later or on another day.

Healthy routines are wonderful ways to get you active, motivated, and help you to feel accomplished. Add a few of these ideas and you’ll have a healthy routine that works for you.

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