It’s Okay to be Happy Said a Wise Person

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We live in a world where there is upheaval—violence, unrest, poverty, and despair and many more aspects that I could dive into. But those aspects are not what I want to focus on.

What I want to talk about is that there is also an abundance of goodness, such as peace, love, happiness, kindness, beauty, wonderment, and mother nature too.

There have been times when I have felt such gratitude, such peacefulness, that tears have come to my eyes, and then at the same time, I have seen someone unhappy.

I used to think, maybe I shouldn’t be so happy when there is pain.

Now I think, someone is going through their own personal journey as I have.

I’ve read that you get out of life what you feel and think about. And I have grown to see that come to reality.

The more we feel anger, we spread the anger. The more we feel love, we spread the love. The more we feel fear, we spread the fear.

Which would you want to encounter more in our world?

Spread what you wish to receive.

I’ve read that the more you share your love and inner light, the more you help our world. So that’s my goal. To share my joy and love and let others know it’s okay to feel good. It’s okay to feel love and contentment.

It’s okay to be happy, said a wise person I’m sure, and I believe it is true.

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