Remember to Cherish These Moments

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I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, a writer, a homemaker, and I have a job. With all these things to think about, it’s easy to focus on a list of things to do instead of taking a moment to focus on what matters. The more I read about spiritual wellness, the more I realize being in the present moment is essential to your wellbeing. That what you focus on is what you receive in life. Do I want to focus on rushing, not having enough time to get things done? Or do I want to focus on the present moment and the good feelings I want to experience?

Take a moment and ask yourself…What matters to you?

Here’s what I came up with…


I can be rushing to get home from work, to squeeze in writing time, to get dinner ready for the family, and to scratch something else off my To-do list. When I suddenly realize I’m focusing on the wrong things when my family walks through the door. I shouldn’t be rushing or worrying. I should be cherishing this moment that I have right now with my family. All together. All joyful. I should be cherishing our togetherness because this is what I love. This is what I want more of.

Love and Joy

There are times that you may witness someone else’s unease. And sometimes their feelings can attract onto you. It’s important to remember to release those uneasy feelings and be open to feeling love and joy. Feelings of love and joy are so much better to experience than the opposite. It can be tough to do. But the more I practice releasing feelings that do not serve me well, the more it becomes natural for me to do. I remember not long ago, I could attach to a sad or upsetting feeling and I could wallow in it for a very long time. Now more often, I am able to catch an upsetting feeling and release it before it takes over, giving me a chance to focus on what I want to feel—love and joy.


I’ve been a creative person for most of my life, however, a few years ago, I’d felt I’d lost it. It really was an awful feeling. I felt I didn’t have the inspiration to write or draw or paint or create anything. I felt out of sorts and unsure what to do with my spare time. I realize now I was focusing on what I didn’t want to happen—losing my creativity—and it happened. Now I take the time to write. I take the time to create yarn art because that’s what I enjoy. I cherish the moments of creativity and I say, Thank you. Because creating is what I love and want to do more often.


Is it wrong to cherish the moments when you focus on yourself? I used to think so. For many years, I put everyone before myself in order to make them happy. If someone was unhappy, I felt guilty. I do not know where this feeling came from but I know I had it growing up as well. I felt the need to make others happy by being a good girl. Then it morphed into adulthood as a mother, wife, and daughter. But what I discovered by putting everyone and everything before my own happiness, it didn’t make my life happy. It made me upset and it took a long time for me to realize it. Remember to cherish the moments where you take care of yourself. Cherish them so you are able to have more.

I want to cherish my family members and the wonderful and loving moments I have with them. I want to cherish the moments I feel love and joy flowing through me. I am experiencing more moments out of the blue of sudden happiness and love and it feels wonderful. I want to cherish my creativity because creating makes me happy and I want to be able to create every day. I want to cherish the moments I have just for myself because I deserve these moments. So if what I focus on is what I receive in life, then these are all the things I want to remember to cherish. How about you?







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