Time to Say Goodbye to Negative Energy

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Mental or spiritual negativity is an energy that can pull you down, swallow you up, or stop you from accomplishing great things. And if you give it enough power, it can take over your life. You may wonder, how do I get rid of negative energy? How can I stop it? Believe it or not, the answer is within you.

Some of you may not believe in mental or spiritual energy, but we all have it, and we all share it with others. When someone speaks to you in different tones or gestures, and whether you respond with a pleasant or awful feeling, they are sharing their energy with you. The energy I’m discussing here comes in different forms for each individual. Negative energy can be your personal doubts and fears. It can be your friend bringing you down to what they may be feeling. It can be a family member, telling you not to succeed. It can be a bully in school or the workplace, attempting to intimidate you.

Finding the Reason

It’s time to look within yourself to discover the source of this energy. Is there someone you feel tense or uneasy around when you see them—what makes you feel that way? Is there a voice in your head that tells you not to succeed—when do you think it started? Are there fears that you have every day—who or what taught you this fear?

Breaking the Habit

It may take some time to discover how you encountered negative energy, but once you realize the reason, it’s time to let it go.  Make a pact with yourself to forgive and let go. The more you harbor a negative thought, you will continue to give the energy power.


Sit quietly in a comfortable position and clear your mind. It helps me to focus on something. I like to see myself flowing with a peaceful, white light. I sit for as long as I can and focus on peace. When I meditate, the feeling stays with me throughout the day, allowing me to be protected from other energy.


Affirmations are sentences that you speak to your inner self. “I let go of all feelings of fear and doubts. I release old feelings that do not serve me well. I am ready to move forward with joy and love. I am protected with good energy that surrounds my entire being.” Believe in yourself and your words and say these affirmations daily. Your inner self is listening.

It’s time to say goodbye to negative energy and live a better life. When you are ready to release energy that does not serve you well, you’ll discover a new way of life and happiness.

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