Writer Reading: 5/27/19 – 6/2/19

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Overall Message for the Week: Taking a leadership role or receiving guidance in a spiritual nature.

Monday: It’s a day to take a leap of faith. A day to lead with your heart and not worry what others think. Something you are embarking on has a fresh beginning and may be spontaneous. For this new endeavor, the universe is guiding you to just be and surrender to your heart’s desire.

Tuesday: Something may come to an abrupt end, or truth revealed either in a spiritual matter or by someone you consider a wise feminine energy. Endings happen because they are sought or something new is waiting to come to fruition. It could also be a release of emotion.

Wednesday: You may have difficulty with a project or face an obstacle delivered by communication. This message may be a harsh truth or restrictive in some way. Do not worry. This will pass.

Thursday: A day for celebration with close friends or family members. You may receive a message that causes you to rejoice or start something new.

Friday: A day of quick action and thinking as someone may come to you with an offering of a creative endeavor or project.

Weekend: Something may not have turned out the way you thought, and you are focused on what does not make you happy instead of what does make you happy. It is time to move on because a new and strong beginning is here! Ideas are flowing, and you are open to new opportunities. If you are wondering if this latest project is the right one, it is.

* The readings are for the collective of writers who may find their ways here, such as bloggers and writers of books of all genres, non-fiction writers, writers of scripts, poetry, and all creative types of writing. Because these are broad readings for the collective, every single day may not resonate with everyone who reads this, and daily readings may occur a day earlier or later.

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