Writer Reading: 6/3/19 – 6/9/19

man doing hand stand on mountain
Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

Overall Message for the Week: a week of goodness toward others, possible someone from your past. A feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

Angel message: Rise above the darkness and challenges you may face, and look into the light. This is time for a new beginning.

Monday: You may seek solitude as you receive truth and clarity on a project. You may be hard at work on something or have an impulse to learn something new. Whatever this may be, give it your all.

Tuesday: You may find yourself with too many creative choices. The Universe asks you to take action and lead with what inspires you. A moment of celebration with close families or friends will follow.

Wednesday: An end of a cycle is nearing, and this ending is full of harmony and balance. A milestone has been reached. Rejoice in your achievement.

Thursday: A focus on a partnership in love or life that has not turned out the way you have wanted. This can be a hard realization for anyone. You may contemplate moving on, and you have the strength to do so.

Friday: A passionate day. There may be a disagreement or annoyance that calls for extra patience. Take a moment to reflect on the situation.

Weekend: A weekend of creativity and intuition. An emotional seed may be planted for a new team collaboration or with people working together. Trust your feelings.

* The readings are for the collective of writers who may find their ways here, such as bloggers and writers of books of all genres, non-fiction writers, writers of scripts, poetry, and all creative types of writing. Because these are broad readings for the collective, every single day may not resonate with everyone who reads this, and daily readings may occur a day earlier or later.








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