Writer Reading Week of 6/10/19 – 6/16/19

backlit balance beach cloud
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Overall Message for the Week: Finding balance within yourself, which can mean moderation, or finding the middle ground in dealing with others this week. Decisions and truths, come to mind.

Angel message: Express your passions this week. There may be an increase of life-force that will need to be released. Channel it into positive action.

Monday: Put yourself first if you have been putting others needs ahead of your own by taking the time to pause and reflect on a project or your routine. You may decide on a different strategy or path. Do not wait on this decision. This is a day of passion and action.

Tuesday: Take care of yourself on this day as there may be an unexpected event or change. You may be taking a leadership role or seeking guidance from within.

Wednesday: A day of enjoyment in luxury or abundance as you may have multiple tasks to handle for someone.

Thursday: A choice or decision regarding forging ahead as a leader. Take the time to meditate on the answer.

Friday: You may need to make a decision, but nothing may be coming to you. You will find the strength to move ahead despite setbacks. Joy and harmony will follow.

Weekend: You will have the strength this weekend to forge ahead on a creative project that may change unexpectedly.

* These Tarot readings are for the collective of writers who may find their ways here, such as bloggers and writers of books of all genres, non-fiction writers, writers of scripts, poetry, and all creative types of writing. Because these are broad readings for the collective, every single day may not resonate with everyone who reads this, and daily readings may occur a day earlier or later.

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